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The Talent To Master Any Job, The Knowledge To Do It Right

We firmly believe that the success of the United States Courthouse project is a direct reflection of NWTC's dedication & commitment to working together as a unified team to create a truly world-class facility.

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Tower Crane Erection & Dismantle
We have vast experience with all models of horizontal jib & luffing boom tower cranes and have worked in cooperation with suppliers such as Liebherr, Potain, Peiner, Kroll, Comedil, Comansa and Sun. We specialize in any application including industrial, commercial, residential or civil. In addition, all of our employees are qualified riggers. Our service extends to every detail regarding tower crane erecting, service, climbing, and dismantling. This includes setting bases on fixed foundations, cross frames, or rail traveling undercarriages. Our service also includes tie-ins to new or existing buildings, cable supports, reeving, dereeving and load testing.  

Tower Crane Climbs (Jumps)
We are experienced in erecting cranes with tie-ins and those erected to max freestanding height. Raising the working height of any crane, including any tie-in work necessary to secure the tower crane, is dangerous and we're proud of our outstanding safety record.

Man / Material Hoist Erection & Dismantle
We install all models of manlifts including Alimak, Hercules, AVRO, Jegg and Champion.  We provide the interlocks, thresholds, intercoms and gates necessary to get each manlift inspection ready. We have three, licensed elevator mechanics on staff with more than 125 years combined experience in rack and pinion hoists.

Man / Material Hoist Jumps
We routinely jump or raise the working height of every model of manlift, including necessary tie-ins to new or existing structures.  If necessary, we are able to splice and jump power cords as the building height increases.

In coordination with a manufacturer’s technician, we can replace hoist ropes, load lines, governors; torque base, tower and turntable bolts, and perform many other service requirements. We also torque and climb concrete placing booms.